Understanding Your Gas Bill


Understanding Your Bill

Pay After Due Date: The amount you will owe, including late charges, if paid after the due date
Due Date: The date your bill is due, always the 25th of the month
Amount Now Due: Your balance due
Account Number: Your unique identification number
Tap #: Your tap # is determined by where you are physically located in our system (10, 20, 40, 60, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, or 140)
Meter #: The number stamped on the front of your meter
P. Read: Date and read from your meter
P.P. Read: Date and read from your meter the month before the P.Read
Current Reading: The most current read from your meter
Previous Read: The reading from the month before
Volume: The difference from the P. Read and the P.P Read in thousands of cubic feet
Metric Conversion: The conversion factor, in decimal units, is used to convert the meter from cubic feet
Billing Factor: The constant used in the formula based on your meters size
Heat Value: Heat content values
GJ Consumption: How many gigajoules used and is calculated by multiplying: 

Volume x Metric Conversion x Billing Factor x Heat Value = GJ's used
Date to Date = # of Days: How many days you used that month
Previous Balance: Your balance forward from previous month if there was one
Payment: Any payments made last month
Balance Forward: Any balance due brought forward
Cost of Gas: Gas Rate established by Gas Alberta (fluctuates each month)
Cost to Deliver: The surcharge established by the Board to recover customer care and gas distribution services
Federal Fuel Charge: The Federal Fuel Charge was established by the Federal Government 
Reserve Fund: The Co-op's charge to accumulate a reserve fund for future maintenance/repairs of the system 
Fixed Charge: The fixed monthly cost to the customer
Gas account with a meter: $25/month service charge
Riser only: $19/month service charge
Capped underground: $12.00/year service charge

Possible Additional Fees

NSF Charge: $10.00
Reconnect: $100.00
On Site Fee Collection: $50.00
Billing Arrears (penalty): 2%