Gas Odor


Natural Gas Odor/Leak

In the event that you smell gas at your property, please call us immediately at 780-957-3792 during regular business hours or 780-831-2024 for after-hours calls. It may be a minor issue but it also may be serious, requiring repairs. The most important thing is your safety. 

When you call in we will ask you the following question

Are you a customer?
What is your phone number?
What is an alternate number we can reach you at?
What is your legal land location?
What is your rural address (the number from the MD sign at the end of your driveway)?
Have you done any repairs in or around your house/meter recently?
Did you hit a gas line?
Where are you smelling gas?
When did you first notice the smell?
How strong is it?
Is anyone experiencing nausea/headaches (if gas smell is in the house)?
Will someone be around when we come out to check the smell?

If the odor is in the house we may ask you to evacuate the premises for your safety. The important thing is to stay calm and notify us as soon as you notice it. 

Carbon Monoxide


What if I suspect Carbon Monoxide poisoning?

Though you can't smell Carbon Monoxide (CO) it is also a very serious concern. Symptoms you may experience if it is CO could be:



Flu-like symptoms/fatigue Impaired judgement 




Walking difficulty  

If you suspect that that CO may be a concern, open your windows and  doors and then get out of the house. Then if you feel it's an emergency, call 911 and then call us. We can come out and assist in determining if it is indeed CO.   

It's ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry!