Secondary Gas and Water Lines


What is a Secondary Gas Line?

 A secondary line is a gas line installed after the meter which will supply gas to other buildings on the same property. We provide secondary gas line installation service to our members on-site, or for non-customers and for those wanting to do their own trenching we offer a material package, complete with risers and tracer wire. 

When you call in, please have the following information so we can be sure we size it correctly for you: 

- BTU load input of each appliance

- Distance from existing meter to your desired end point (centre of riser to centre of riser)

- Gas pressure at the meter. 

Water Line

Are you wanting to run water line from a dugout to a corral? We can help with that too. We sell black pipe in 1", 1-1/2" and 2" sizes. You can install it or, for customers, we can come out and trench or drill it in for you. Contact Bill at for more information.