Carbon Levy

How much is the Carbon Levy and where can I get more information on it? 

The Alberta Government implemented a Carbon Levy to be charged on Natural Gas as of January 1st, 2017. The 2017 rate for this levy was $1.011/GJ, plus GST. It increased to $1.517/GJ effective January 1, 2018. To read more about the levy, please click here and to see the rates of the Carbon Levy and what it applies to, click here.

Line Locates

Why can't I just phone utilities companies directly to have my lines located? 

To call Alberta One Call at 1-800-242-3447 is a free service and is required by us so we have the proper documentation necessary. 


Each utility company flagged by a request is responsible for locating their own specific lines. 

In order to ensure that all the necessary utility companies are coordinated to come out it is necessary that all locates go through Alberta One Call. We receive such a large volume of locate requests in the warmer months that in order to ensure all are handled efficiently and in a timely manner, we require that they are submitted to us through Alberta One Call. 


When do I need a permit and who requests it? 

Permits are required any time you are requesting a meter or are adding a secondary to your current load.

It is also required if you are adding or updating a new appliance. You can request one yourself or have your gasfitter request one. 

If you have a gasfitter doing the work, they should obtain the permit for you. "Homeowners permits" are required if you are doing the work yourself and require us to come out and observe a pressure test. 

Gas Permits can be applied for through Alberta Safety Codes

Updating Contact Information

If I want to make sure you have the most current contact information how should I let you know? 

Easy! Call us at 780-957-3792 or email us at admin@esgas.ca

No Gas

My gas is out, what should I do? 

Give us a call and we will try and help trouble shoot the issue with you over the phone if we can.  

Pipeline Crossing or Proximity Agreements

Who do I contact if I need to get a pipeline crossing from ESGAS? 

Please email admin@esgas.ca with your inquiries.