Gas Installations


Detail your services

Rural (Farm/Acreage): $7,000 plus GST

Urban (Subdivision):      $2,500 plus GST

Grain Dryer (4 GJ):        $7,900 plus GST

Grain Dryer (6 GJ):        $9,100 plus GST

Federal Rural:                $2,600 

Federal Urban:               $1,300


East Smoky Gas offers financing for new urban and domestic services. Here's how it works: 

- Applicant must be on the title of the property.

- Applicant must agree to register a caveat of interest in the name of East Smoky Gas on the title   

  until the balance of the payments are paid out.

- Applicant must sign a Customer Contract for services and agree to terms. Repayment terms for 

  domestic rural services is 7 years, and repayment terms for urban domestic services is 5 years. 

- Financing is offered at an interest rate of 7%. 

- Applicant must pay the GST up front as well as a $150 administration fee.

Please be advised that contracts that utilize East Smoky's financing option take an average of two months longer than other contracts due to the paperwork and processing times involved. 

What is the process for having gas installed?

Looking for more information about gas installations and what that process looks like? Check out our New Customer Information Brochure.